The brief was simple, help Forth Ports to promote their Cruise operation at the Cruise Shipping Miami 2013 Convention. The piece is aimed at cruise organisers and allowed Forth Ports to showcase Edinburgh and London as the ideal cruise destinations in the UK. Access to two capital cities through the ports of Tilbury, Leith and Rosyth. We wanted to produce something that would have instant impact, would resonate with the audience and capture the subject. The Passport theme proved a real success and every copy was snapped-up over the course of the event. Although and rather ironically, the delivery of passports was delayed at customs as mevery copy was opened and checked by security. A real testament to the authenticity of the piece. A series of passport stamps promote key statistics about the ports and the cities. And the concept is further enhanced by the inclusion of passport details for the two Forth Ports Cruise contacts.